Full of sound and fury

“Exaggeration in every sense is as essential to newspaper writing as it is to the writing of plays: for the point is to make as much as possible of every occurrence.  So that all newspaper writers are, for the sake of their trade, alarmists: this is their way of making themselves interesting.  What they really do, however, is resemble little dogs who, as soon as anything whatever moves, start up a loud barking.  It is necessary, therefore, not to pay too much attention to their alarms, and to realize in general that the newspaper is a magnifying glass, and this only at best: for very often it is no more than a shadow-play on the wall.” – Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms (trans. Hollingdale)

2 thoughts on “Full of sound and fury”

  1. If they’d only stop yapping about Benghazi I might actually tune back in to see if something else is going on in the world. (Hmm, maybe they have stopped by now. I should probably crack open the door to see whether the coast is clear.)

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