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  1. You can look. And when you close your eyes, you may see the patterns of light on the water.

    • the surface of the water is a four-dimensional emulation of the structure of spacetime. i enjoy thinking about that as i watch the lake.

      the color of the water shifts constantly within a range of blues and greens and whites and golds. one moment i will look, then i will read a page in a book, then i will look at the lake again and it will have changed.

  2. It made me happy, reading this.
    You took a risk, moving your life. Already, rewards.
    Many more will follow.
    Congratulations to you and yours, for having the courage to live.

    • admin admin

      thank you, harry. a wise man once told me to find the thing that frightened me and do it.

  3. A great example of not wasting words. What a picture this painted. It will all work out…try not to worry, enjoy what sounds like a beautiful place.

    • Thank you, Donna. I’m always worried about something (a man’s gotta have a hobby).

      This morning I took my shoes and socks off and walked for the first time into the wavelets lapping the beachlet (it’s a short beach — you can see it on Google Maps, it’s Rogers Beach Park in Chicago).

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