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Oh, it’s him again

“Satan has one pure pleasure: waiting until you have forgotten him, moved on with your life, feeling, if not a certain variety of cheerfulness, precisely, then at least the deficiency of immediate despair, and stepping up beside you on the street, nestling up behind you in your bed, to remind you in his hissy whisper of just who and what you are not.” — Lance Olsen, Calendar of Regrets

3 thoughts on “Oh, it’s him again”

  1. There’s a difference?

    Say, I ordered a hard copy of ACYE. It doesn’t arrive till next year and I’ve already read the ARC, but I want to have it on my bookshelves. Susan wants to read it, too, and would rather read the hard copy.

  2. Oh, how lovely of you. That warms the cockles of my little heart. If you have time–and I know you’re busy, but if you do, it would be a huge help to have a review up on Goodreads. I’m springing for a giveaway right now and it’s going pretty well but would go better with a text review.

    (And no, no difference really. Supernatural boogeymen, high and low.)

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