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So much for happy endings

“Nothing is more dispiriting than ‘And they all lived happily ever after,’ which means, in information entropy terms, ‘And then nothing interesting or noteworthy ever happened to them again for the rest of their lives.’” — Brian Christian, The Most Human Human

4 thoughts on “So much for happy endings”

  1. Yes but afterwards, after the injustice and crisis and conflict surely one just wants a warm bed and safe dreams. That is what I call happiness and peace.

  2. Warm bed I have. I am glad of that. So many do not have it as good as I do.

    Dreams are another matter. I don’t know of any safe ones. My daydreams are of things that almost certainly would prove to be mixed blessings. My dreams while sleeping last night were of fighting with laughing burglars who freely bribed incompetent police with sacks of money. It’s good to be awake this morning (though I’m not very awake yet).

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