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Can’t say if it’s a good thing or not

“It has been extremely lucky that up to now wars have been fought only by men.  If they had been fought by women, they would have been so consistently cruel that today there wouldn’t be a single human being left on the planet.” — Milan Kundera, Immortality (trans. Kussi)

6 thoughts on “Can’t say if it’s a good thing or not”

  1. What?! Women are good and kind and gentle. All of us. All the time. Also, we bake cookies. We knit. We breast feed, for crying out loud.

    Take it back, bub, or no chocolate chippers for you.

  2. No, not that. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m shifting the blame to him, ignoring the fact that I chose the quote and posted it, and am quickly slipping out the back door.

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