The Art of Tetman Callis Lit & Crit This extends also to other pursuits

This extends also to other pursuits

“A man cannot be a master artist if he lies to himself, settles for illusions.” — John Gardner, “The Temptation of St. Ivo”

3 thoughts on “This extends also to other pursuits”

  1. Yes indeed. But I know someone who said it better, something about a mirror . . .

    So, I haven’t figured a way to smuggle the Santorum masterpiece into the conservative stronghold here at work, but I did put myself in charge of WOW, the Word of the Week. My choice for this Friday: liberal.

    They’re gonna love it.

  2. Minds will explode. Or they’ll batten down tight in the face of a storm of truth.

    You know, “liberal” means the same thing to the fearful ignorant haters that “commie” meant when I was a kid. That is, they don’t know what it means other than it is the label for something to fear and hate.

  3. I used to have a tee-shirt with the word liberal and its definition on the front. My son loved the shirt so much that he swiped it and wore it to his dad’s house for the weekend. He was made to take off the evil garment and hand it over–I never saw it again after that.

    Some people can only exist in a cloud of malice and self-righteousness, it’s like oxygen to them–or a hallucinogen, with all the cravings included.

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