The Art of Tetman Callis Lit & Crit,Strunk & White Lifting heavy letters, kicking out the jambs

Lifting heavy letters, kicking out the jambs

“Writing is, for most, laborious and slow. The mind travels faster than the pen; consequently, writing becomes a question of learning to make occasional wing shots, bringing down the bird of thought as it flashes by.” – William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White, The Elements of Style

2 thoughts on “Lifting heavy letters, kicking out the jambs”

  1. I had no idea TEOS was so witty. These little gems have inspired me to buy a copy for myself.

    In other news, it’s springtime here. Pink trees and red tulips abound. How’s tricks in the windy city, my friend?

  2. Tricks are tricksy and for kids. Trixie turns away and says, Just kidding. Down the street from where I sit, a flowering tree is flowering. Plump birds mob in walls of ivy for happy hour. Ducks fly north over the lake, low and fast, each one daring the other to see how close to the water they can get and never touch feather to the waves.

    Downtown, the small and Looped-in firm where I toil got even smaller at the end of March when most of the support staff were let go, released into the unanticipated freedom of unemployment. We few survivors wander among the haunted detritus, picking up the pieces and working overtime.

    I only got TEOS for the pictures.

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