this morning i was riding the elevator
up to the office where i work. i rode my bike
today and had my helmet dangling from my hand
and my leather jacket on, and i was feeling
so cool. there were two people in the elevator
with me, a young skinny guy in skinny young guy
clothes, and a plump blonde girl dressed to accentuate.
and i was thinking, man, i feel good. it always
makes me feel good, so pumped when i ride my bike.

so i got to my floor and i stopped by the men’s
room to process some coffee, and i go to
the urinal and reach down–and my fly is
open. i biked two miles in the cold april morning,
sauntered through the building lobby, rode the elevator
up with the skinny guy and the plump girl, and my
fly was open—zipper tongue all the way down
and poking out. (i’m glad my underwear wasn’t
showing.) the skinny guy i’d never seen before,
but the plump girl works in my building. she’s almost
certain to see me again, maybe even today,
the guy who had his fly down and was feeling cool.

(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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