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August 29th, 2023 · No Comments

my god! the lesser angels in assembly cried,
there has been a creation error! the scheme has not been found!
entry is required but access is denied!
the block is too large! the labels will not fit!

what about the handles? responded god.

there are no available handles,
moaned the angels of middle management.
there is no room—not enough memory—
the path is not found, and the internal error cannot be modified.

fix it, responded god.

oh god, the angels bawled,
the display is invalid and we cannot find the command,
we cannot find the correct copy, we cannot find the virtual objects—
and the clipboard data is not correct!

from the corners of chaos there came angelic shouts—
driver warning!
illegal characters!
maximum exceeded!
divide overflow!
non-unique forms found!

cancel, directed god, and exit without saving.

generation terminated! one angel called, relief in his sweet voice.

god looked upon his host of angels.
we’ll get it right next time, or there will be some fatal errors up here.
where’s lucifer? find him and tell him
i want to see him in my office, right away!

(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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