subject vehicle

subject vehicle southbound on interstate twenty-five at
or about the hour of three thirty-six a.m. was brought

to impact against the left retaining wall subject vehicle
immediately ricocheting off wall crossing interstate

at a contrary vector relative to the sparse traffic
at that hour made its way across the low guardrail along

right edge of interstate sliding at a high rate of speed down
the embankment and onto the exit ramp where it impacted

the ramp’s right guardrail with force sufficient to snap one thick wooden
supporting post in two uprooting the major segment with

a loud concrete-and-metal crunching grinding noise the sound and
vibration of which were sufficient to wake several persons

sleeping in the houses immediately to the west of
exit ramp subject vehicle twisted and crushed rested against
damaged right guardrail of exit ramp when a passing motorist
pulled over and stopped and called for help on his cell phone a second

passing motorist pulled over and stopped and approached subject
vehicle peering inside shrinking back turning covering her mouth

(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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