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Sleeping on the slats

“Life is as stuffed with episodes as a mattress is with horsehair, but a poet (according to Aristotle) is not an upholsterer and must remove all stuffing from his story, even though real life consists of nothing but precisely such stuffing.” — Milan Kundera, Immortality (trans. Kussi)

6 thoughts on “Sleeping on the slats”

  1. Tetman, I’m starting to get the impression, by attrition mind you, that you are very bitter about something. Could that something be that you thought by parroting the biggest thought a University had to offer you would therefore be loved? I no longer want to make fun of you, I feel ashamed if I have in the past. You are a very serious case of thinking that intellectuality actually has something to offer to a human being seeking the truth of life. I’m going to cut this short because I think you know what I’m writing and I really have this bad mojo which must send those who are close to the edge over the edge. Or, of course, so I think. I don’t know why I feel compelled to pick on you, but I do, Perhaps you have some sort of insight on that. I left my e-mail. I am now going by George, in order to eventually introduce the character George. I think he works. In the real-world, you have some how attracted my attention. What-up, dude?

  2. A niggardly deed. (To say the least.)

    Also, weirdly skeevish to see his angry incoherence under your name. I read it before my morning coffee and thought I’d awakened in a new dimension.

  3. Jeff, I’m approving your comment–yes, no one gets here without my approval–because you are a real person with something to say. And I will say this: be who you are. Don’t hide behind the names of others.

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