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Me an my friends, we was juss talkin about this yestiday

“Facebook can seem at times an enormous simulacrum of the Pussycat Lounge, full of voyeurism and cynical, semi-professional exhibitionism, but obviously the divide between performer and audience that structures the flow of money, power, pity, and contempt in strip clubs has been largely obliterated online. Instead, there is the ambiguous simultaneity of consuming and producing spectacle, of performing the self, of spectatorship as performance, in a medium that immediately allows you to substitute yourself for any performer with broadcast responses of your own. This stew of contradictory and self-negating impulses makes up what now often gets described simply as sharing. It’s sharing when we confess something; it’s sharing when we link to someone else’s work; it’s sharing when we simply express approval for something; it’s sharing when a social-media service automatically announces some action we took. Online we all have a million hearts to give.” – Rob Horning, “The Failure Addict”

2 thoughts on “Me an my friends, we was juss talkin about this yestiday”

  1. yes. it is. sorry about that. didn’t you read the contract? it’s all been archived. the internet archive almost certainly has a copy of your blog, has it, and you can bet the nsa has a copy of every word you have ever posted to the interwebs.

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