The Art of Tetman Callis Poems more than twenty reasons

more than twenty reasons

she is sweet and vulnerable
sometimes she needs me
i feel strong when i hold her with my arms around her

she is sensitive and intelligent
aware of the world
an artist at heart

she is not overly superstitious
practices yoga and drinks herbal teas
caffeinated coffees, also

sometimes she says, for no apparent reason except that she wants to
i know someone who could use a blow job
then she unfastens my pants

she lets me put my hands all over her
my fingers squeezing inside her to bring her to climax

her breasts are small
they feel good cupped in my hands while she straddles me

she lets me fuck her and even lets me come inside
she says, you make me so wet

we fit together well, asleep and awake

sometimes she cries and says
i love you so much

also, she can cook, and drives an economy car

(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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